Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report is the synthesis of a project that began with the analysis of all those aspects of the airport management company’s operations and performance that are difficult to explicitly represent with traditional instruments: not only the economic and financial results but also the performance and the choices made by the company in terms of quality of service, safety and attention to people.

Bologna Marconi Airport’s 2013 Sustainability Report, now in its fifth edition, aims to report the achievements and objectives that will guide our actions in relation to the issues of sustainable development, environmental protection, attention to needs of the local territory and passengers and enhancing the value of people, focusing on the most relevant aspects for our strategy and our stakeholders.

The results achieved in 2013 are highly positive and often go against the general trend in the still negative economic context. The main highlights include:

  • The number of passengers has passed the 6 million mark (+4%);
  • the quality of service has maintained high satisfaction levels;
  • the Terminal upgrading works have been completed;
  • the environmental protection targets have been reached;
  • employment stability has been maintained.

For 2014, the company has set itself objectives that encompass the main areas of activity.

To name a few:

  • extending the range of connections offered to passengers and local businesses;
  • developing the aviation infrastructure;
  • continuing to improvethe Passenger Experience;
  • developing an employee welfare system.


Sustainability Report 2013Sustainability Report 2013
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