News list 2014

Bologna Airport Marconi: inauguration of the new passenger Terminal

Increased areas by over 5,000 sqm and restyling of 80% of the existing areas: renovation and extension works have led the airport’s capacity to 7.5 million passengers.

he overall investment amounts to 26 million euros, totally self-financed.

Works timetable has been respected and the airport has always been operative.

The new passenger terminal of Bologna Airport Guglielmo Marconi was inaugurated yesterday. The restyling and extension works, which lasted two years as agreed, have led to an increase in areas of 5.360 sqm (from 40.460 to 45.890) and the restyling of 80% of the existing areas, thus raising the overall terminal’s capacity up to 7,5 million passengers per year.

Important targets have also been met: improving the organization of flows on arrival and on departure, increasing the commercial offer, adapting technological systems to energy saving and raising the quality of the services offered to passengers.

The inauguration was attended by Bologna Airport President Giada Grandi, the Mayor of Bologna Virginio Merola, Province President Beatrice Draghetti, Regional Councillor for transport Alfredo Peri and Bologna’s Chamber of Commerce President Giorgio Tabellini. As follows, focus is given on the main works, planned in different steps and different areas to safeguard the terminal’s activity.  

The three check-in areas have been joined together in a single dedicated area on the ground floor with 64 desks, four of which are self-check-in (in partnership with Siemens), a new Infopoint and new ticketing counters. 

The baggage reclaim areas, Schengen and extra-Schengen, have been united in a single exit at the Arrivals. 

The boarding gate area has been extended and the boarding gate number has increased (from 20 to 24). 

Security checks have risen from 7 to 9 and have been equipped with new Logiscan machines (patented by Bologna Airport together with Logital). They are used for the automatic check of boarding passes and the correct size of hand baggage. 

Commercial areas have been enlarged and restyled, the commercial offer has been raised (from 30 to 36 shops) as well as the rent-a-car parking lots. 

The ground floor entrance has been modified to become the terminal’s Main Entrance. 

Common areas have been renovated too: new floors, new toilets. 32 new toilets have been added and the existing ones have been renovated, totaling 152. The walls have been decorated with a new graphic work reproducing Bologna’s skyline. 

Focus is made on energy saving, too: new air-conditioning fittings, led lights, led-retro-lit signs. 

Marconi Business Lounge has been enlarged, with direct access to the boarding area 

New seats have replaced the old ones in the boarding and relax area (produced by “Poltrona Frau” with a special line designed solely for Bologna Airport).

A European tender has entrusted Carron Costruzioni Generali – Fiorin Impianti with the execution of the work and the supervision has been carried out by One Works – Nier. Furthermore, some finishing activities are planned within this year: new boarding gates, passages for counter-flows in the arrival lounge and new machines for self-check-in.

The total value of this investment is 26 million € (24 million for the completed work and 2 million for the activities in progress this year. The enlargement and restyling of the Passenger Terminal are part of the wider long-term target, defined by the airport’s Master Plan, to reach a capacity of 10 million passengers by 2023.

Moreover, the new BHS location has been built housing the new BHS equipment for the automatic handling of luggage on departure.

Finally, by 2014 five loading bridges will be completed (two of which equipped with “fingers”) for the direct access from the Terminal to the aircrafts. The loading bridges’ construction is being implemented by Lamone Moreda-Starlift following the rescission of the contract for the winner’s major default.

“We are celebrating the result of two-year work which has changed Bologna Airport - explained President Giada Grandi - the Board and all the stakeholders were the first to make this result possible which was also achieved thanks to the passengers’ suggestions, the whole organization and our many suppliers. Now we are better partners of the ever increasing number of the people who use the airport.”

The inauguration was accompanied by the Orchestra of Bologna’s Teatro Comunale, directed by Maestro Michele Mariotti.