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Marconi airport broke its monthly record in august: Almost 700 thousand passengers reached

In the first eight months, the total number of passengers touched 4.5 million (+6.9%)

Bologna Airport broke a new record: in the month of August passengers almost reached 700 thousand (690,195), recording an increase of 9% versus the same month in 2013. It is the highest monthly number in the Airport’s history, confirming a very positive trend...
Increased areas by over 5,000 sqm and restyling of 80% of the existing areas: renovation and extension works have led the airport’s capacity to 7.5 million passengers. The overall investment amounts to 26 million euros...
From January the 31st 2014 in relation to the new EU rules regarding liquids, aerosol and gels, passengers departing from bologna airport with medicines and special dietary products and passengers in transit from Bologna Airport must go to security lines 1 and 3 , equipped with appropriate devices for their checks...

Over 6 million passengers in 2013 – A growth of 4%

Marconi is standing out against the Italian average. December registered a boom of +7,8%

The long-lasting domestic recession, the difficulties some airlines were faced with (decreasing routes and frequencies) and the Terminal restyling works still in progress in their final stage did not prevent Bologna Airport from growing in 2013 too...
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