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2010 was a year to remember for Bologna Airport. Having made it through the ‘record’ snowfall at the beginning of the year, the closure of airspace due to the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano (with a loss of 800 flights and 70,000 passengers) and having passed...
Bologna Airport pays tribute to Dino Gavina picture preview
Bologna Airport pays tribute to Dino Gavina, the designer and entrepreneur who died in 2007 and who inspired some of the most important renovations carried out at the airport in recent years...

Bologna Airport breaks through 5 million passenger barrier

2010 target reached a month early and Marconi airport moves up a category

2010 target reached a month early and Marconi airport moves up a category

The German 'giant' Heinemann lands at Bologna Airport

It will manage Marconi’s duty-free and duty-paid operations from January 2011

The German group Heinemann, airport travel retail ‘giant’, has landed at Bologna Airport. From January 2011, it will manage Marconi airport’s extra-Schengen duty-free and Schengen duty-paid operations through its subsidiary Regal GH...

Record-breaking October: passenger traffic up 17.5%

The new winter timetable brings the number of destinations served by scheduled flights from Marconi airport to a total of 72

Bologna Airport continues to grow. With an increase of 17.5% compared to the same month in 2009, passenger traffic at Marconi airport in October came close to the half million mark (499,543 passengers to be precise)...
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