List of major services offered to users


  • Inbound cargo acceptance.
  • Check of documents and freight.
  • Notification of irregularities to the pertaining import agency and delivery of documents at the same agency.
  • Storage of freight in different warehouse areas (national, CE, not CE, company cargo).
  • Collect fee.

Custom brokers

  • Acceptance of T1 shipments.
  • Present datas of T1 shipments to Customs and assignment of A3 number.
  • Notify pertaining import agency of A3 number for custom clearance.

Fowarding agent

  • Storage and care of cargo until release.
  • Further check of freight before release.
  • Fee charge (cash or monthly charge).
  • Release of freight.

Private person

  • Storage and care of cargo until release.
  • Assistance in case of customs physical examination of special cargo (AVI, EAT, VAL ...).
  • Fee charge.
  • Release of freight.