List of major services offered to users


  • cargo acceptance and storage.
  • Documents (awb, customs documents, check sheet, attached declarations... ) and freight check.
  • Issue of cargo manifest and other flight documentation (special load, check AVI, check VAL, ADR ...).
  • Insertion of cargo datas with different weight and balance informatic systems.
  • Customs clearance.
  • DGR check.
  • Build up pallets (thru units, mix pallets, cars and any other contour).
  • Forwarding FFM messages, pre allert, non compliance messages.
  • Issue national AWB.
  • Physical inventory of ULD stock and loading equipment, maintain dayly or weekly records.
  • Physical inventory of freight, dayly or weekly records.

Forwarding agents

  • Cargo storage in warehouse.
  • Arrange freight when accepted with irregularities (unfit packings, small damages...).
  • Documents check.
  • Check of loading compatibility between cargo and holds.
  • Customs documents check.
  • Customs clearance.


  • Technical assistance for special loads (Live, Salme, Blood, perishable goods).

Skills of FFM staff

  • DGR certification class 9th.
  • LH certification for palletizing.
  • Use of computer systems Horus, ARCO.
  • Using, for LH, of the main functions of computer systems Mosaik View EasyBooking.
  • Certification for issuing the document of transport by road ADR.