6th SUG Airport Conference

Dear All,
Bologna Airport is pleased to invite you to the 6th SAP User Group for Airports Conference, which, for the first time in Italy, will be held in Bologna on September 29th-30th 2011. 

Once more, is going to be an opportunity to discuss issues related to Airports SAP world, to share past experiences and future ideas, to spend time together and to have a special and amazing evening.

Up to the Conference opening, you will receive an updated newsletter, with the latest news.

General information

More than 60 airports and airport authorithes worldwide are using SAP Solutions presently. This number continues to grow and the growth results in an acknowledgement of our industry as one with their specific requirements still not been completely adressed by the SAP.

Many airport specific business processes are still not in a scope of the SAP solution portfolio. The role of the 3rd party products in IT-Environment of airports is very strong as many airport-specific business processes still be carried out and captured outside the SAP Solutions.

Location & Facts

  • 29 - 30 September 2011
  • The conference will start at 10.00 a.m. on September 29th and will end at 05.00 p.m. on September 30th.
  • The location of the conference will be in Bologna, at the Grand Hotel Majestic "già Baglioni" that we can recommend if you would like to book a hotel-room during your participation at the Conference.

Who should attend the Conference:

  • SAP Director
  • Department Head
  • SAP ERP Consultant & partners
  • SAP Software Development Manager
  • SAP Operations Manager
  • CIO
  • SAP Project Managers
  • Business Analyst
  • Business System Manager
  • Information Service Manager
  • SAP Super User
  • Financial Controller (invoicing, traffic data & planning aspects)
  • Accounting Experts (IFRS, fixed assets & regulation aspects)
  • Aviation Department Managers

The conference is only for SAP customers and not suppliers. If your organization has outsourced the SAP development and maintenance then your SAP providers are also welcome to attend.

Members of SUG Airports:

  • Abu Dhabi Airport Company,UAE
  • ACI , Switzerland
  • AENA, Spain
  • Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, Argentina
  • Almaty International Airport, Kazakstan
  • ANA - Aeropuertos de Portugal, Portugal
  • Athens International Airport, Greece
  • BAA, Great Britain
  • Bangalore Airport, India
  • Berlin Airports, Germany
  • Bogota Airport, Colombia
  • Bologna Airport, Italy
  • Bremen Airport, Germany
  • Cairns Port Authority, Australia
  • Capital Airport Holding Co., China
  • Changi International Airport, Singapore
  • Copenhagen Airports, Denmark
  • Delhi International Airport, India
  • Domodedovo Airport, Russia
  • Dortmund Airport, Germany
  • Dresden & Leipzig/Halle Airport, Germany
  • Dublin Airport Authority, Ireland
  • Düsseldorf International Airport, Germany
  • Flughafen Zürich AG, Switzerland
  • FMO Flughafen Münster/Osnabrück , Germany
  • Frankfurt Airport, Germany
  • Geneva Airport, Switzerland
  • Hamburg Airport, Germany
  • Hannover-Langenhagen Airport, Germany
  • Houston Airport, USA
  • Hyderabad Airport, India
  • Incheon International Airport, South Korea
  • Köln Bonn Airport, Germany
  • Lima Airport, Peru
  • London-Gatwick, Great Britain
  • Los Angeles World Airports, USA
  • Malaysia Airports, Malaysia
  • Marseille Airport, France
  • McCarran Airport Las Vegas , USA
  • Milan Airports, Italy
  • Montreal Airport, Canada
  • Mumbai Airport, India
  • Munich International Airport, Germany
  • Narita Airport, Japan
  • New Bangkok Intl. Airport, Thailand
  • Newcastle International Airport, Great Britain
  • Nürnberg Airport, Germany
  • NY & NJ Port Authority, USA
  • Paris Airports, France
  • Phoenix SkyHarbour, USA
  • Prague Airport, Czech Republic
  • Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
  • Pulkovo International Airport, Russia
  • Punta Cana Airport, Dominican Republic
  • Rome Airports, Italy
  • Sacramento Airport, USA
  • Schiphol Airport, Holland
  • Sheremetyevo, Russia
  • Stuttgart Airport, Germany
  • TAV Havalimanlari, Turkey
  • Toulouse Airport, France
  • Venice Airport, Italy
  • Verona Airport, Italy
  • Vienna Airport, Austria
  • Vnukovo Moscow, Russia
  • Zracna Luca Zagreb, Croatia