Airport Shopping Bag

Airport shopping bags are admitted on board*

*Passengers are allowed to bring on board, in addition to one hand baggage of maximum size of 115 cm (height per width per depth), items bought at Airport duty-free and shops, compliant with applicable Legislation and carriers' standard.



Area: First Floor

Following Linate, Malpensa and Fiumicino, Piquadro touches down at Bologna airport, with the opening of a single brand store in the Guglielmo Marconi first floor's shopping area. Highly strategic for the Emilia-based company, the new point of sale targets those who fly frequently for business.

Occupying an area of 33 square metres, the Guglielmo Marconi Piquadro store fully re-proposes the new Piquadro concept store designed by architect and designer Karim Azzabi: fully fitted furnishings – achieved thanks to the combination of modular elements – and the extensive use of metallic laminate, which creates a continuum between the actual setting and the display modules.

Phone: 051-6472305