The data from noise monitoring terminal NMT9 is not available due to the presence of the Sala Bingo in the immediate vicinity of that terminal. This building, which was recently extended, creates a reflective surface which alters the recordings made by NMT9.

SAB and Bologna Municipal Council are currently working on changing the location of the noise monitoring terminal so as to make it operational again.

The noise from aircraft landing and taking off is calculated according to the method established by Italian law for this sector (DM 31/10/97) using, as an indicator, the so-called LVA index (Livello di Valutazione del Rumore Aeroportuale - Airport Noise Level Assessment).

The noise monitoring terminals are located in various positions in the area around the airport on the paths of aircraft movement. Each terminal records the noise generated by the aircraft flying overhead, quantified by various parameters including the SEL (Sound Exposure Level). The logarithmic sum of all SEL recorded by each terminal in a given day determines the daily LVA for that terminal. The daily LVA and monthly LVA average for each terminal are published and available for public consultation.

The annual LVA is the logarithmic average of the daily LVA data recorded in the peak three week period; these are the weeks with the largest number of movements, identified as the following three quarters of the year: 1 January - 31 January and 1 October - 31 December, 1 February - 31 May, 1 June - 30 September.

ARPA - Bologna Provincial Section periodically checks the LVA data recorded by the airport noise monitoring system.

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