Re-Pack & Go

Area: Ground floor

Re-Pack & Go" is a service provided for all Marconi passengers, especially designed for those who realize on their way to the check-in desk that their bag is too heavy or too full.

Located in Check-in Area on the ground floor, “Re-Pack & Go” provides self service electronic scales which passengers can use by themselves to check the weight of their bags and make sure that they comply with the baggage allowances set by the various airlines.

If they wish, passengers can use the tables provided to rearrange the contents of their baggage more comfortably. For just a few euro, passengers can also buy a large canvas bag which can be used as hand baggage or as a second item of hold luggage. This bag can also be left at the airport baggage storage facility, giving passengers the option of leaving behind less essential items.

As well as the canvas bags, the automatic machine also dispenses other useful travel-friendly items for passengers: plastic bags for liquids, bags for wrapping pushchairs and luggage labels.