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Kefalonia, Greece

Bologna Kefalonia flights

Bologna Airport offers direct flights from/to Kefalonia. On this page you will find all the information needed.


Cephalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands, featuring an array of contrasts due to the different populations which inhabited it over the centuries: the Byzantines, the Venetians, the Romans. The island also boasts a rich heritage of beaches famous throughout the world for their beauty.

Its capital city, Argostoli, lies in the middle of a peculiar geological phenomenon: it dives into underground tunnels and remerges in the Melissani Cave, a semi-underground lagoon with turquoise waters. The capital is also the core of the island's night movida.

The island hence stands as an ideal tourist destination, amidst mountains, incomparably beautiful caves and gorgeous sandy shores, among which Myrtos is the most remarkable one. It is cast in a bay where the mountain dives into the cobalt blue waters, while the beach contrasts them with its dazzling white.

Not too far from the beach you will find the lovely village of Assos.
From the coastal street that leads to the isthmus where the village lies, you can enjoy a spectacular view of lush green woods and hairpin turns gradually revealing the houses and buildings. Don't forget to visit the wonderful village of Fiskardo, in the north of the island.

From Cephalonia you can also reach the mythical Ithaca, Ulysses island.

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