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Travel agencies

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Tour Operator

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Holders of the ACI card - Show Your Card, are entitled to the following benefits:

For stays up to 7days

10% off the ordinary rates to the public for all the airport carparks (including the Car Valet service).

For stays in excess of 7 days

50% indoor
1 week (7 days) € 65.00 € 55.00 € 37.00
2 weeks (14 days) € 125.00 € 80.00 € 65.00
Extra days € 11.00 € 6.00 € 4.00

Car Valet Services

25% off the Fast delivery service: delivery of the vehicle to the Car Valet operator directly at the departure area, with deposit in the Car Valet area.


10% off the Airport car park fares for short and long stays by showing your Socio Coop membership card at the Parking Supervision before paying.

The agreement is reserved to Coop members of all participating Cooperatives (from Coop Adriatica to Unicoop Firenze, from Famiglia Cooperativa Trentino to A.S.C.C. Sicilia).


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