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Aeroporto di Bologna constantly monitors its performances and commits to a constant sharing with all airport operators, to guarantee a good quality level of services and of the infrastructure.

The growth in traffic witnessed in 2017 has directly impacted on the airport quality and quantity performances.

As a whole, the picture is positive: the global satisfaction index scored 97%, which represents an excellence level. Another highly satisfactory result regarded the general approval of the cleanliness of the airport and the hygiene standards and good services of the toilets, one of the elements most impacting on the passenger experience.

As far as the quantity performances are concerned, the waiting times at the security checkpoints have definitely improved compared to the previous year.
Instead, the waiting times at the check-in and at the baggage reclaim area for the first and last piece of luggage have slightly increased, hence Aeroporto di Bologna has accordingly activated some monitoring and improvement processes.


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