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Organizational chart


  • CHAIRMAN: Enrico Postacchini
    • CEO & Managing Director: Nazareno Ventola
      • Administration, Finance and IT Department: Patrizia Muffato
      • Airport Operations Department: Paolo Sgroppo
      • Business Aviation & Communication Department: Antonello Bonolis
      • Infrastructures Development Department: Davide Serrau
      • Legal & Corporate Affairs Department: Silvia Piccorossi
      • Non-Aviation Business Department: Stefano Gardini
      • People & Organization Department: Aurelio Luglio
      • Security Department: Luca Voltolini
      • Strategy & Corporate Performance Management Department: Nazzarena Franco
      • Internal Audit: Sonia Giannone
      • Safety Management System: Laura Nobili
      • : Anna Rita Benassi

Experiences and Curricula

Nazareno Ventola - Managing Director

Nazareno Ventola was appointed Bologna Marconi Airport Managing Director and Accountable Manager in May 2013. Previously, Nazareno had been Strategy Manager and Corporate Performance Manager in charge of market strategies, quality, budgeting and planning and control.

Earlier, he had been Planning and Control Manager. Before joining Bologna Marconi Airport team, in 2000, Nazareno was a strategy planning analyst at Enitecnologie (ENI group). Nazareno was president of ACI Europe Economics Committee for the two year mandate 2012-2013. He is presently member of ACI Europe Board for the three-year mandate 2014-2017.

Nazareno obtained a first class Bachelor of chemical engineering technology (hons) at Trieste University; he has followed specific training courses at SDA Bocconi (Milan, Italy), MIT (Boston, USA), London Business School and Cranfield University (UK).

Antonello Bonolis - Business Aviation & Communication Manager

Antonello Bonolis was appointed Business Aviation and External Communication Manager in 2013. Spokesperson for Bologna Airport as a member of the BOD of Terminal Passeggeri Ravenna (a joint-venture with Royal Caribbean, Venice Terminal, Bassani Handling and Ravenna’s Chamber of Commerce), in his career he has also been president of the Airports & Travels company (a travel agency at Marconi Airport) and member of the BOD of TAG (General Aviation in Bologna).

Before joining Marconi’s team in Bologna, Antonello was also Marketing Manager at Air Europe (Swissair Group) and Alpitour Senior Product Manager. Antonello has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics (hons) and graduated at Cattolica University in Milan. He followed specific training courses at Westminster University in London, ASM in Manchester and EURESAS in Toulouse, France.

Nazzarena Franco - Strategy & Corporate Performance Management Manager

Nazzarena Franco was appointed Bologna Marconi Airport Strategy and Corporate Performance Manager in September 2013 with the responsibility of the market strategy, quality, budgeting and planning and control; she is also sole administrator of Fast Freight Marconi, the cargo handler of Marconi Airport.

Previously, she was Business Cargo Manager and Responsible for the Planning and Control of Marconi Handling, a handling society at Bologna Airport. Nazzarena started her professional career at Bologna Airport as Business Analyst in 2003.

She owns a considerable ‘corporate’ experience grown both at the Airport Authority and the subsidiaries handling societies. Before her commitments at the Airport, she was consultant and Business Analyst for Konrad Westrick, a German advisory firm. Nazzarena is a member of ACI Europe Economics Committee. She graduated in Economics and then was awarded an MBA at Profingest, a well-known Business School in Bologna; she followed specific training courses at Westminster University in London and SDA Bocconi in Milan.

Stefano Gardini - Non-Aviation Business Manager

Stefano Gardini was appointed Non–Aviation Business Manager of Marconi Airport in 2001 with the responsibility of the real estate, retail and advertising areas, services to the customers, including parking areas, on-line ticketing and VIP Lounge. In his professional career, he was member of the BOD of Aviogrill, a joint venture between Autogrill and Bologna Airport, and of Airports & Travels (travel agency of Marconi Airport).

Before joining Bologna Marconi Airport team, Stefano was Costa Crociere Group Strategy and Marketing Manager, Conad (Leclerc Group) General Category Manager, Kraft Jacobs Suchard (Philip Morris group) Marketing Manager and L’Oreal Group Product Manager.

He is currently ATRI – Italian Association of Retail Travel - Vice President and Coordinator of Assaeroporti (Association of Italian airports) Non-Aviation Group. Stefano graduated in Law at Bologna University, then was awarded an MBA at Profingest, well-known Business school in Bologna; he followed specific training courses at Cranfield University (UK) and the London Marketing & Business Institute.

Aurelio Luglio - People & Organization Manager

urelio Luglio was appointed HR Development and Organisation Manager at Bologna Marconi Airport in 2011. Aurelio is in charge of the selection, training and development, organisation and change management areas. Moreover, he is in charge of the management and administration of the personnel, health and safety, internal communication and relations with the trade unions.

Before joining Bologna Marconi Airport team, Aurelio was founder of Atmen, a Rome based recruiting and consulting society, president of Ad Interim, a temping agency, Monster Italia Country Manager, recruitment society, Jobline Italia Managing Director, recruitment society, Intertaba (Philip Morris Tobacco company) HR Manager, Astra Farmaceutici HR Manager, pharmaceutical company Parke Davis legal advisor.

Aurelio is a lawyer and has graduated with a first class Degree in Law at Bologna University; he was later awarded a Master in HR management at SDA Bocconi in Milan.

Patrizia Muffato - Administration, Finance and IT Manager

Patrizia Muffato was appointed Administration, Finance and IT Manager of Bologna Marconi Airport in 2003. Patrizia is responsible for all finance and administration activities including: finance statements and plans, treasury and banks, credit management, accountancy and sustainability report. She is also responsible for the information and communication technology area, which also comprises an innovation area.

In her career, Patrizia was also member of the BOD of the subsidiary Marconi Handling and SEAF (Forlì Airport). Before joining Bologna Marconi Airport team, Patrizia was South East Europe Administration, Finance and Control Manager for PepsiCo International Ltd. in Milan. She is president of Sap Users Group (world association of SAP users airports). Patrizia has A-levels in accounting, obtained at the technical and commercial high school in Venice.

Silvia Piccorossi - Legal & Corporate Affairs Manager

Silvia Piccorossi was appointed Bologna Marconi Airport Corporate Affairs Manager in 2010. Silvia is responsible to ensure compliance to laws and public regulations and is in charge of all legal, corporate, contractual, business disputes-related and outsourcing issues.

A member of ACI Europe Policy Committee since 2008 and member of the BOD of TAG (General Aviation) since 2010, Silvia started her activity at Bologna Airport in 1999 in charge of Legal Issues. Before joining Bologna Marconi Airport team, she was lawyer for Dr. Zunarelli international law office in Bologna. Silvia is a lawyer and graduated with a first class degree in Law at Bologna University.

Davide Serrau - Infrastructures Development Manager

Davide Serrau was appointed Bologna Marconi Airport Infrastructures Development Manager in 2011 with the responsibility to build infrastructures and systems according to the approved Master Plan. Davide is Planning Post Holder and responsible for Sustainability, Environment and Energy.

Davide was previously responsible for the Airside Infrastructures Maintenance. Davide started his career as Environmental Monitoring Engineer. Davide graduated in Civil Engineering at Bologna University and then was awarded a General Management Program Master at Alma Graduate School in Bologna.

Paolo Sgroppo - Airport Operations Manager

Paolo Sgroppo was appointed Bologna Marconi Airport Operations Manager in 2011 in charge of airside operations, passengers terminal and maintenance; since 2014 he has also been responsible for the operating systems. Paolo is Deputy Accountable Manager. He was previously Maintenance Manager, handling all activities connected with the airside and landside infrastructures, IT plants as well as automation systems and all ground equipments.

Before joining Bologna Marconi Airport team, Paolo had an important and relevant experience as Field Engineer in Comau, a FIAT group firm, where he followed projects for Maserati, Ferrari and New Holland. Paolo graduated at Palermo University in Mechanical Engineering.

Luca Voltolini - Security Manager

Luca Voltolini was appointed Bologna Marconi Airport Security Manager in 2008 with the responsibility of airport security. Luca joined the Society in 1989 as Technical Manager and person in charge of the extension stage of the years 1995-2005 with the role of building infrastructures and airport systems.

In his career, Luca represented the Society as President of the Consorzio Energia 2000, a team of societies gathered for the optimisation in the purchase of energy. Before joining Bologna Marconi Airport team, Luca was in charge of a municipal services society in the city of Reggio Emilia. Luca graduated in Engineering at Bologna University.

Remuneration policies and Managers pays

Bologna Marconi Airport (SAB) remuneration policy is that of rewarding managers with an overall attractive, competitive and equitable package that stands a comparison with that offered on the (local and national) market.

SAB pay system draws upon a number of factors:

  • The sector’s National Collective Bargaining Agreement
  • Analysis and evaluation of the positions
  • Comparison with the external market
  • Gross annual income
  • MBO (variable remuneration)
  • Benefits

The applicable National CBA is that of Managers of Societies providing goods and services.

For the analysis and the evaluation of the Society’s positions, the Hay Group Guide Chart – Profile Method of Job Evaluation methodology is applied. Hay Group is an international firm leader in the organisation and HR consulting field, present in 47 countries, with 84 offices (2 in Italy, in Rome and Milan) with around 3.000 consultants and 9.000 clients.

In order to assess the positions correctly with the appropriate grading, the Job Evaluation process is adopted which defines and measures the complexity of each society position in points scored, assessing the content of the role without taking into account the person covering that role.

The Hay method evaluation is based on three elements:

  • KNOW-HOW, i.e. the competence (technical/practical knowledge; managerial planning knowledge, organisation and integration);
  • PROBLEM SOLVING (thought context and thought challenge);
  • ACCOUNTABILITY (freedom of action, dimension and impact area).

The evaluations are grouped in score grades (for example scores from 1.000 until 1.200 = grade 20), comparable to containers of jobs of comparable relevance and complexity. The advantages in using scores and grades are the following:

  • Homogeneously managing and remunerating roles with similar responsibilities, yet from completely different sectors;
  • performing internal equity analysis;
  • performing competitiveness analysis with outside societies, getting a comparison with other subjects which apply the same, very common Hay method.

Hay assisted SAB in the reviewing of Managers’ and middle management positions Grades. Regular reviews were subsequently carried out in case of relevant organisational changes.

In order to ensure an objective comparison with the job market, Hay remuneration surveys are being used.

In Italy they gather the remuneration data of 484 societies with 192 thousand analysis, among which 13.000 directors, 88.000 managers and 91.000 employees.

The remuneration policy is based on a comparison with the market’s data stemming from remuneration surveys performed by Hay Group on a range of selected societies.

The regular monitoring of the remunerations has the objective of ensuring the internal equity and a correct positioning with respect to an external “market”.

The annual reviewing process of the remunerations takes place in March on the basis of the performances referring to the previous year, and takes into account the positioning of each manager with respect to the market and the budgetary restrictions.

MBO (Management by Objectives)

The calculation of the variable reward is linked to the MBO process.

At the start of the year, on the basis of his/her own objectives, the Managing Director outlines a set of objectives and assigns them to each manager for their own role. The first two of them are common society objectives (EBTDA and Quality), the same as for all the affected subjects.

For directors, the maximum achievable is 20% of the Gross annual income. The variable actual reward is calculated according to the achievement of the objectives.


  • CAR - All directors are assigned a personal society’s car (Hay remuneration surveys highlight that 96% of societies supply a car for a mixed use; private use of the car is handled as a benefit according to the tax regulations in force). According to the applicable society’s policy, developed on principles of internal equity and respect of the monthly budget for the rental rate, the car model assigned is chosen following principles of seniority, Grade and covered distance. The car is bought under a long-term rental contract lasting 42 months;
  • ASSIDAI (supplementary health insurance in addition to FASI, provided for by the National CBA for Managers);
  • CHECK UP (annual preventative exams and visits under healthcare agreements at Villa Toniolo).

Gross Annual Incomes

Ventola Nazareno

  • Position: Managing Director
  • Date of SAB appointment: 01/03/2004
  • Gross Annual Income 30/06/2014: € 190.000

Bonolis Antonello

  • Position: Business Aviation & Communication Manager
  • Date of SAB appointment: 18/12/2000
  • Gross Annual Income 30/06/2014: € 121.323

Franco Nazzarena

  • Position: Strategy & Corporate Performance Management Manager
  • Date of SAB appointment: 01/04/2010
  • Gross Annual Income 30/06/2014: € 92.665

Gardini Stefano

  • Position: Non-Aviation Business Manager
  • Date of SAB appointment: 13/03/2001
  • Gross Annual Income 30/06/2014: € 135.186

Luglio Aurelio

  • Position: People & Organization Manager
  • Date of SAB appointment: 14/02/2011
  • Gross Annual Income 30/06/2014: € 110.000

Muffato Patrizia

  • Position: Administration, Finance and IT Manager
  • Date of SAB appointment: 03/11/2003
  • Gross Annual Income 30/06/2014: € 135.930

Piccorossi Silvia

  • Position: Legal & Corporate Affairs Manager
  • Date of SAB appointment: 01/04/2010
  • Gross Annual Income 30/06/2014: € 90.000

Serrau Davide

  • Position: Infrastructures Development Manager
  • Date of SAB appointment: 01/04/2011
  • Gross Annual Income 30/06/2014: € 87.000

Sgroppo Paolo

  • Position: Airport Operations Manager
  • Date of SAB appointment: 01/04/2011
  • Gross Annual Income 30/06/2014: € 98.000

Voltolini Luca

  • Position: Security Manager
  • Date of SAB appointment: 01/11/1990
  • Gross Annual Income 30/06/2014: € 103.384


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