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The Society voluntarily opted for the adjustment of the separate and consolidated 2014 financial statements in compliance with the IFRS/IAS International Accounting Principles, using 1 January 2012 as transition date: therefore, in the 2014 financial statements, the 2014 financial results are accompanied for comparison purposes by those of the two previous fiscal years, revised with the new Accounting Principles, and the explanation of the effects following the first IAS/IFRS implementation.

Economic data

Despite the still critical overall economical situation, the year 2014 represented a period of significant growth for Marconi Airport. As a matter of fact, both the traffic volume and the economical profits have been rising, with an increase in passengers’ figures, EBITDA and final profits.

The rise in aeronautical revenues (+3%), supposedly deriving from an increase of the passengers figure, and of non-aeronautical revenues (+12%), which have benefitted from the new areas being made available by the renovation of the passengers Terminal and from the rise in the profits coming from the parking sales due to a higher volume of passengers, have made it possible to close the year with a 72.1 million Euros turnover, by 6% higher than the previous year, while the costs have remained overall unchanged compared to 2013 (revenues and costs exclusive of the Building Services).

The Company has hence reached an adjusted (i.e. exclusive of Building Services) EBITDA rise by 27% (21,1 million Euros) and a rise in the operative result by 52% (12,5 million Euros), the latter also thanks to a reduction in provisions (-34%) and exclusive of the growth in the amortizations (+7%) following the first stage of the airport infrastructures development plan.

The pre-tax result equals 11 million Euros, as opposed to 6.8 million of the year 2013 (+61%), thanks to a rather stable financial management. Lastly, net of the corporate taxes, the consolidated profits have reached 7 million Euros (exactly 6,981 million), with a rise by 77% with respect to the previous year, while the Company’s result, net of minority interest, amounts to 6.9 million Euros (exactly 6,873 million Euros), with a 75% rise on the previous 2013 fiscal year.


As far as the traffic data is concerned, in 2014 passengers figures rose by 6.2%, for the first time surpassing the 6.5 million quota (exactly 6,580,481) and with a higher percentage compared to the Italian (+4.5%) and European (+5.8%) benchmark. The average annual increase of passengers at Marconi Airport in the five-year period 2009-2014 was 6.6% (as opposed to the Italian average of 2.9% and the European average of 3.3%).

In detail, the rise in traffic was more evident percentage-wise in the number of national flights passengers (1,747,576, +7.2%), positively affected mostly by the strengthening of the low-cost offer, which has more than made up for the decrease of the scheduled airlines. The rise in passengers is anyway number-wise more impacting on international flights (4,824,908, +5.9%), covering now three quarters of the total of passengers. In this case, the increase is to be ascribed to a general strengthening of the airlines already operating at the airport and the introduction of new flights to Bristol and Manchester (Ryanair), Paris Orly (Vueling), Craiova (WIzzair) and the reinforcement of the flight to Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen (Pegasus) and Eindhoven (Transavia).

As far as the passenger figures are concerned, the “traditionalscheduled airlines passengers were 2.949.200, the low cost airlines were 3.394.950, the charter flights passengers were 189.383 (to whom the 38.951 transit passengers need to be added).

The total movements were 65.058, with an unperceivable decrease with respect to the year 2013 (-0,5%). Air cargo transportation has diminished (-4,2%), amounting to 32.160 tons.

Switching to the favourite destinations of Marconi Airport passengers, Paris remains the most popular, with slightly less than half a million passengers (491.979 among De Gaulle, Beauvais and Orly), before London, counting 474.484 passengers (summing the three airports Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted). Third best is Catania, with 328.885 passengers. The top ten then features Frankfurt, Istanbul, Palermo, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona and Munich.

Traffic data January 2016
Passengers Aircraft Movements Freight by aircraft service (Tons)
509,972 4,662 2,546


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