A unique location, both for its geographical centrality and its convenient setting, haven of businessmen and decision-makers, the airport offers many a chance for advertising, in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, distinguished by a renovated modern and bright layout.

An ever changing, dynamic setting: that’s why more and more companies are finding this the best place to enhance the visibility of their brand, with an effective, focused communication.

Under the constant eye of over 6 million passengers, and at least 3 million meeters and greeters, the visibility is guaranteed in a structure that is everyday a place of international exchange.

Bologna Airport is now directly advertising its spaces, standing on the markets as partner in the relation with the customer, offering more and more taylor-made solutions making use of avant-garde tools and the latest available technologies.

Customer focus, creativity, flexibility , refinement and high quality are the strengths of our structure.

At the airport



  • Billposting
  • Exhibition areas/stands
  • LED technology backlit installations
  • Monitors
  • Personalisation
  • Sampling
  • Trolleys

External airport sites

  • Neon signs
  • Neon towers
  • Non-backlit spaces of great dimensions