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Today there are two Handling agents that operates at Bologna airport: Fast Freight Marconi and XPH.

Fast Freight Marconi

Fast Freight Marconi is the main cargo handling agent on Bologna Airport. In particular, it deals with documentary and physical handling of goods on arrival and departure.

The operations personnel of goods acceptance and handling has skills and experience in all subjects (IATA, ICAO, IATA DGR and ADR, Enac Rules Sheet 3, Customs Regulations) relating to shipments by air/road and IT tools to support them ( Horus, Mosasik View, Unisys, EasyBooking, RFSO PAL, Jettainer, Tango, CHM, GOM, Arco).

General Manager: Nazzarena Franco
  • Operations Supervisor - Service Delivery: Ilaria Bimbi
  • Operations Supervisor - Custom e Security: Enzo Giusti
  • Operations Supervisor - Persone e Processi: Stefania Rosato
    • Officers Team
      • Operations Team


List of major services offered to users

  • Cargo acceptance and storage.
  • Documents (awb, customs documents, check sheet, attached declarations... ) and freight check.
  • Issue of cargo manifest and other flight documentation (special load, check AVI, check VAL, ADR ...).
  • Insertion of cargo datas with different weight and balance informatic systems.
  • Customs clearance.
  • DGR check.
  • Build up pallets (thru units, mix pallets, cars and any other contour).
  • Forwarding FFM messages, pre allert, non compliance messages.
  • Issue national AWB.
  • Physical inventory of ULD stock and loading equipment, maintain dayly or weekly records.
  • Physical inventory of freight, dayly or weekly records.
Forwarding agents
  • Cargo storage in warehouse.
  • Arrange freight when accepted with irregularities (unfit packings, small damages...).
  • Documents check.
  • Check of loading compatibility between cargo and holds.
  • Customs documents check.
  • Customs clearance.
  • Technical assistance for special loads (Live, Salme, Blood, perishable goods).

Skills of FFM staff

  • DGR certification class 9th.
  • LH certification for palletizing.
  • Use of computer systems Horus, ARCO.
  • Using, for LH, of the main functions of computer systems Mosaik View EasyBooking.
  • Certification for issuing the document of transport by road ADR.


List of major services offered to users

  • Inbound cargo acceptance.
  • Check of documents and freight.
  • Notification of irregularities to the pertaining import agency and delivery of documents at the same agency.
  • Storage of freight in different warehouse areas (national, CE, not CE, company cargo).
  • Collect fee.
Custom brokers
  • Acceptance of T1 shipments.
  • Present datas of T1 shipments to Customs and assignment of A3 number.
  • Notify pertaining import agency of A3 number for custom clearance.
Fowarding agent
  • Storage and care of cargo until release.
  • Further check of freight before release.
  • Fee charge (cash or monthly charge).
  • Release of freight.
  • Storage and care of cargo until release.
  • Assistance in case of customs physical examination of special cargo (AVI, EAT, VAL ...).
  • Fee charge.
  • Release of freight.

Import/export Agency

List of major services offered to users

  • Acceptance cargo.
  • Airport and airways company fees collect.
  • Monthly statement of accounts for every airways company.
  • “Missing cargo” and “Found cargo” messages.
Custom broker
  • Notify of arrival of shipments.
  • Customs documents release after storage of cargo in extra CE warehouse and assignment of A3 number.
  • Notify of arrival of shipments.
  • Delivery of documents and indication of customs procedures.


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