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'The present 'cookie policy' is issued in compliance with Art. 13 Leg.D. 196/2003 (Code concerning the protection of personal data, the so called 'Data Protection Code'). Such policy describes, in particular, the terms of use of cookies on the website www.bologna-airport.it/en/ and of the personal data processing with regard to the use of cookies on such website in compliance with the current legislation. For other information, please refer to the general privacy policy of the website, accessible through the link in the footnote on every page (' ).
For any issue concerning the use of the cookies on this website, please refer to the above indicated contacts.

What is a cookie and what is it for?

Cookies are information stored through the browser when a website is visited with any adequate device (like a pc, tablet or a smartphone). Every cookie contains several data (for instance, the name of the server where it comes from, an identifying number, etc.), it can remain in the system for the length of a session (until the browser disconnection) or for long periods and may contain a unique identifying code.

Cookies may be used for different purposes according to their type: some are strictly necessary for the website correct functioning (technical cookies), while others optimise the performance for an enhanced experience of the user, or allow to collect statistical information on the website use, like analytics cookies, or allow to view personalised ads, like tracking cookies.


Any consent the user should supply is memorised by Aeroporto G. Marconi di Bologna S.p.A., for what falls under their competence (non- sensitive data), through a technical cookie for the length of 12 months, necessary for the correct functioning of the website.

The user is informed about it through:

  • the short notice (grey top banner, at the first visit of the website until the consent is given or denied, as explained in paragraph 4 'How to disable the cookie');
  • the present extensive notice, available through the link in the footnote of every page of the website www.bologna-airport.it/en/ ('Cookie Policy').

Moreover, at the end of paragraph 3 'Cookies used on the website', you will find the privacy policy links of third parties, even for the purpose of their removal (in case this is possible through those links).
For this purpose, Aeroporto G. Marconi di Bologna S.p.A. uses:

  • Google Maps services for its own geographical collocation on the maps;
  • the 'Crazy Egg' service for the tracking of the user's navigation, in order to enhance their experience.

General cookie types

Technical cookies

They are necessary for the correct use of the website.

Analytical cookies (third party)

They are used for the purposes of aggregated analysis of the website visits through a third party service.

Cookies used on the website

Our website uses technical (navigation) and the underneath described analytical cookies, each with a specific function, as indicated in the following.

Navigation cookies

Such cookies allow the correct functioning of the website to enhance your navigation experience within our website. They are necessary for the website functioning.


  • Duration: 1 year
  • Description: It stores memory of the device to prevent viewing the banner on the cookies during subsequent visits.
  • EndCmsAblNav (nome criptato: X6PDdqnU1pgYlIrJr2AhqQ)

  • Duration: 1 year
  • Description: It allows users who are registered but not yet confirmed to perform an authenticated navigation session to finalise bookings or purchases.
  • IdUtenteSito

  • Duration: session; the cookie lasts 14 days if the user opts for 'Remember my access'
  • Description: it allows the correct functioning of the reserved area and the online air ticketing every user may access to after having registered.
  • EndCmsCookie (nome criptato: J0wLAEr0vLCGSDmYItElCzQbdyLkRGT6)

  • Duration: session; the cookie lasts 30 days if the user opts for 'Remember my access'
  • Description: It allows the correct functioning of the reserved area every user may access to after having requested to register.
  • EndEcommCart (nome criptato: LuERpiqPCsoXig0Sa80oUw)

  • Duration: 1 month
  • Description: It allows the correct functioning of the e-commerce system which every user may access after having requested to register.
  • EndEcommStore

  • Duration: 1 month
  • Description: It allows the correct functioning of the e-commerce system which every user may access after having requested to register.

Analytical cookies

Such cookies are used for instance by Google Analytics to perform statistical analysis on the user's website navigation habits through computers or mobile apps, on the number of visited pages or clicks performed on a page during the navigation on our website.
Bologna-airport.it processes the results of such analysis anonymously and exclusively for statistical purposes, only if the provider of services uses the cookies in connection with the browser installed on your computer or other devices used to navigate on our website.

How to disable cookies

Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) are configured to accept cookies.
Nevertheless, most browsers allow to control and also disable cookies through the browser settings. Cookies can therefore be removed or disabled accessing the options or preferences of the browser in use and generally even only third parties' cookies may be blocked. Basically, such options will be effective only for that browser and on that device, unless other options are active which align the preferences on different devices. Specific instructions can be found on the options or the help pages of the browser itself. We'd like to remind you, though, that disabling the navigation or the functional cookies may result in a malfunctioning of the website and/or limit the service offered.

To find out more about cookies and how to manage or disable third parties or marketing/retargeting ones, please visit www.youronlinechoices.com/it/. You may also visit www.allaboutcookies.org (English, French, German) for details on how to delete or reject cookies and for further general information on cookies. For information on the use of cookies in mobile phones browsers, and for details on how to reject or delete such cookies, please refer to the instructions of use of your device.

Rights of the data subject

The data subject is the 'physical person whom data refers to' (art. 4, clause 1, let. 1, Leg. D. 196/2003).
Every data subject has the right, at any time, to obtain confirmation about the existence or non-existence of such data, and to know its content and origin, verify its correctness or ask for its integration or updating, or correction (art. 7 Leg. D. 196/2003). Pursuant to that same article, one has the right to ask for the cancellation, modification into anonymous form or blocking of the data processed in violation of the law, as well as the right to oppose it being processed, in any case, for legitimate reasons. In the footnote of the present privacy policy is reported the whole of art. 7 Leg. D. 196/2003.

Requests shall be forwarded to:

  • Via e-mail, to the address: ;
  • via postal service, a Aeroporto Guglielmo Marconi di Bologna S.p.A., Via Triumvirato, 84 - 40132 Bologna (BO).

Art. 7 Leg. D: 196/2003 (Right to access one's personal data and other rights)

  1. The data subject has the right to receive confirmation about the existence or non-existence of personal data concerning them, even if not yet registered, and its communication in intelligible form.
  2. The concerned person has the right to receive information about:
    a) the origin of personal data;
    b) the purposes and methods of the processing;
    c) the logic applied in case of processing through electronic means;
    d) the identifying details of the data processor, controller or appointed person according to art. 5, clause 2;
    e) the subjects and categories of subjects whom personal data can be shared with or who may access it as appointed representative or responsible within the state borders.


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